Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Winnie's Wool Wagon and Woolly Projects!

I was out and about yesterday, and we drove past a cute little shop, calling itself a "craft café." Of course I simply had to go in! :) The "cute little shop" turned out to be "Winnie's", an adorable wool shop with a little cafe at the back. If you're a knitter living in or near Dublin, I highly recommend you check it out. I've never seen so many different types of yarn and wool in my life! They specialise in materials for Knitting, Crocheting and Beading, and also run classes, knitting groups and courses, so if you don't know how to knit, you can learn how to! And even if you have no interest in craft whatsoever (What are you doing reading my blog then?! :D ) the café is well worth a visit! I recommend the Bakewell Tart ;) but they serve breakfast, lunch and a variety of sticky buns and cakes!
Of course I couldn't leave without buying a little something, and I noticed they sold  little "Dollymix" balls of wool for a euro each. My Mum had bought me a couple of them while ago, so I decided to add to my collection, and bought a pretty lavender colour!

There are actually so many things you can use wool or yarn for, even if you don't knit!
  • Pom-poms (which you can then transform into Pom-pom flowers), 
  • Yarn-wrapped frames (I make these out of cardboard!)  
  • Yarn-wrapped letters
  • Garlands (String felt or fabric shapes on or make this!) 
  • "Clotheslines" for hanging cards and drawings (Just add Blue-tack and mini clothespins!) 
  • Finger-weaving (!)  
  • Word decorations (There must be a better name for these but my brain is not working today! ;) 
  • Yarn-wrapped sticks and twigs
  • Mini yarn balls that you can then turn into Yarn Ball Lights 
  • BIG Yarn Balls you can use as chandeliers/lights or as decorations for a wedding or big party! I think these would look best with white or neutral-coloured yarn. You can use hemp or string for these as well, if you don't have any yarn! Pretty inspiration here.
  • Cute cardboard snowflakes!
  • Yarn wreathes!. There are SO many tutorials for this one, and so many gorgeous variations. I like this tutorial and this cute variation! They were a bit of a craze in the craft world for a while, and are absolutely fab! They look great, are really easy to make and are completely personalize-able (Is that a word?! Spellcheck seems to think so!) You can add buttons, bows, fabric and felt rosettes and flowers, your initials, or make holiday versions with fabric shamrocks, hearts, bats or Christmas trees! Haha! If you need MORE inspiration, have a look at these! (I couldn't remember where I'd seen the braided one, This link reminded me it was at Homework! Isn't it just beautiful?!)  
  • If you really need MORE ideas ;) check out this link!        
  • If you can find any more yarn/wool projects I haven't featured or have any comments at all, leave a message below! I do read all of them and they make my day! S xx 
     Proving that purple and orange CAN work together!


  1. WOW! I never knew you could do SO many GORGEOUS things with wool! I found you at The Outlawz and am now a follower...looking forward to your future posts! This one is absolutely FAB! Love the purple and orange and the Craft Cafe looks SO amazing!

  2. Thanks Naomi! I LOVE wool, and the Cafe really is fab!