Monday, 13 June 2011

Father's Day Part II

As promised, Part two of my Father's Day Round-up! If you have a request (more printables, gift boxes, cards, actual gifts, etc.) leave a comment below and I'll do my best to help you out!

  •  Martha Stewart  really is the Queen of crafts for Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's day.. and yes, Father's Day! :) So here are a just a few of the projects from her website! 
  1. Father's Day Car Wash Kit. A "subtle" hint to the Dad who has a very dirty car! ;) But really, this is a useful gift that also looks really nice when packaged up in a metal bucket with a cute tag. And of course, you could also offer to help him wash the car!
  2. Here's an adorable Cutout frame that would look really sweet on your dad's desk! Fill it with pictures of his children or grandchildren or even images of his favourite hobbies!
  3. Coupon Booklet. I know I featured another coupon booklet yesterday, but you can never have too many, right?! And besides, this one is really cute! ;)
  4. These Map Coasters are a fantastic idea! Showcase your Dad's favourite holiday spot or childhood home, while also giving him a place to put his drink when working at the computer, watching TV, etc. 
  5. I'm thinking of making this Wine-Label Album Kit for my Dad, but I think he's more interested in actually drinking expensive wine than documenting the labels! It's a nice gift though, especially if you include a bottle of wine!
  6. This slideshow has a bunch of card ideas. I love the jacket one, and these awesome "cuffs!" Very smart!
  7. And last but definitely not least, this Retro Button Card! I made this for Father's day last year and I think my Dad liked it! ;) It's a great card all on it's own, with it's seaside, post-card-style (if that's a word!) image, but the fun part is customising it! You can add your own buttons or other embellishments, and write a lovely greeting in the space at the bottom! There's a Mother's Day one too, if you happen to become addicted to these cards! ;)

  •  Here's one for the gamer/video-game loving Dad! (I'd say there's a few!) It's a simple bold design, with a strong image and a funny little sentiment. And... it's free! Yup, hop over here to 30 Handmade Days to nab it! 
  • Here's a vintage Father's Day stationary pack - free! - from Funkytime -  fantastic website by the way! Download it here, and while your there, check out the DIY section!                                                                             
  • This is a fantastic printable gift for the techy Dad - an iDad! It's way cheaper than it's father, the iPad, in fact - it's FREE! Get over to seven thirty three now and download it! :)  And if you look closely in the top left-hand corner.. it even says "iDad!"  So cute! :D     
  • But that's not all from this fab blog -oh no! Look what she made last year - a genius "Google" card! You Google "World's Best Dad" and what comes up? Why your dad, of course! And if Google says it, it must be true! ;) I love this!

  • Here's another kid's project from Kaboose. It's a  trophy for your Dad - for any reason you like! And it's made out of... paper cups! Go, give it a try. He deserves recognition! ;) I'm sure any Dad would proudly display this on his desk!
  • It's really worth your while to download this free eBook with tonnes of handmade gift ideas for Father's Day! I had a browse through and there are some great ideas, from Keychains to Photo frames, Back Scratchers (!) to Spice Rubs, for the culinary Dad. I would make these for my Dad, but he's already one step ahead of me! He has made his own range of spices and printed off cool labels for them as well! (Thanks Dad! ;P) He really doesn't make it easy to make gifts for him!    

  • I've discovered that my Dad has been reading my blog (unfortunately!) and so none of my gifts will be a secret! :( So I have one more trick up my sleeve that I will not be revealing until after Father's Day! Hopefully my Dad will like it. It's simple, but suited to his personality ;) Sorry, this one's a secret!

  • My computer's messing up, but I want to get this post up, so if you're looking for more ideas for gifts (I hope I've covered printables and cards) check out these two slideshows from BHG!
  • Father's Day Crafts for Kids & Handmade Gifts for Father's Day. Failing everything, write him a note, give him a hug and tell him how much he means to you. that's worth more than 30 ties!

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