Monday, 20 June 2011

Adore Home Magazine!

How was your weekend (and your Father's Day)? Good, I hope. :) Here is the secret gift I mentioned! You can use it next year! (Hint hint!) It's a printable Coca Cola can sleeve! It's really funny, cute, and EASY! You just print it off, trim it, wrap round your can of Coke and secure with double-sided tape! My Dad really likes Coke, so I thought t would be a nice gift! Grab one here!

I've just been featuring "craft stuff" lately (Not very descriptive I know, but I can't really think of another word!) so I decided I'd take a break and tell you about Adore Home. It's an Austrailian online home magazine. If you're re-decorating your home, or love interior design. This is for you. The really great thing about it is that because it's online, there are direct links to the websites and blogs featured. You can click on them, and they'll open in a new tab, ready for you to explore once you're finished reading the magazine!  And ... oh yes, it's the catchphrase! - It's FREE! No more buying those expensive mags for me! :)  Go here and then click on "read!"

The bright, colourful, stylish interiors are really inspiring! :) Check out the blog for the magazine here! There are tonnes of online magazines out there. Any to recommend?! S xx

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