Friday, 10 June 2011

Glue Gun!

Aaaahhhh! Sorry, that's probably not the best way to start a post, but I finally got a glue gun! Now, if you're an experienced crafter, you'll probably be laughing behind your hand at me, kinda like this guy here,

But for me this is like buying a car! I will now be able to do about a billion and two (give or take!) craft projects that were simply un-do-able without a gun and I am SO excited!! If you are an un-experienced crafter (like me!) or simply have no idea what I'm talking about, a hot glue gun is basically a gun-shaped piece of plastic with a nozzle and trigger that you pull to release glue that is hot enough to blister skin (!) You load it up with a glue stick and then you're ready to start your project! I know I am making it sound like a torture weapon and I'm not very good at explaining things, but they are really useful for all kinds of crafts and more heavy-duty DIY stuff (Don't you just LOVE how specific I am?!) Anyway, my gun, if you're interested is a Stanley Dual Melt Glue Gun, which basically means it's reliable, and can also be used on a cooler, safer setting, which I think I'll be using until I get used to handling one. If you're planning on buying a glue gun, make sure to buy glue sticks that work with your gun, or it'll be useless!!! (Thanks to my Mum for ordering one for me! :D ) 

Some projects I'm planning on making:
  • Felt Flower Pillow. I love this and have had it bookmarked for ages. Now I've got a glue gun I can make it!
  • No-Sew Flowers from MADE. These are just gorgeous! I think I'll make about 30!
  • Felt Pom Pom Thingamabobs! These are really cute and could be used to decorate whatever you want!
  • Fabric Flower Rings. These would make beautiful little gifts for Mother's Day, Birthdays, and Christmas!
  • Scrap Paper Garland. A great way to use up scrap paper and brighten up your bedroom or craft space (same thing if you're me!)
And tonnes more!! What will you be doing this weekend? Any crafty projects you'd like to share? Are you inspired to make some cards after my post yesterday?! ;) Leave a comment below! S xx

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