Sunday, 12 June 2011

Father's Day Part I

I decided I'd do a DIY Father's Day round-up, seeing as the day is drawing closer and I seem to have done nothing!! (oops!) Hopefully there are others in my position ;) so grap a glue stick, some paper and your laptop and lets's get cracking!

  • I will be making this cute gift box for my Dad  None of the projects I'm featuring will I be giving to you Dad, if you're reading! (Aaaghgghh! Really hope he doesn't!) Anyway, this a cute message box from Just Something I Made. It would be great for the nostaligic or fisherman Dad! Cathe suggests you fill it with loving notes, photos, trinkets and momentos. A gorgeous gift, I'm sure you'll agree, and a FREE printable from her site! Yay Cathe! Get over there now, and while you're there, check out the other amazing printables and projetcs she has!

  • Super-easy (and cute!) Jigsaw puzzle craft from "Impress Your Kids". I don't have kids (obviously!) but if you do, this would be a great gift to make with them! They can provide the lollipop sticks by eating some popsicles. This can be used to bribe them to to help you by holding the sticks, sellotaping them, etc. Fun, quick and classic.

  •  Shirt and Tie Gift Boxes. Thes are great for the working da who also appreciates the smaller things in life, such as giftcards, luxury chocolates, iPods, watches..! Just a selection of things you could pop inside! These seem easy enough to make, and there's a free template to help you. then you can customise to your heart's content, adding buttons, bow ties, whatever! 

  • This fantastic Father's Day Tool Box is something any Dad would treasure, and is available as a free downloadable kit, so you can print out new papers if some mysteriously go kissing over the years! Scroll down until you see the picture opposite and then download to your heart's content!

  • There's an awesome collection of Father's Day cards, gift boxes and papercraft at Canon. They're all FREE and you candownload as many as you want! Everyone together: "THANK YOU CANON!!" I want to print it ALL off,  it's so cute! (and free!) *sigh* 

  • If you want something a bit less "manufactured" and something that actually requires creative thought ;) I think it would be cute to print off this Retro Father's Day Clip-art  from Just Something I Made (again!) and make your own little card, giftbox, scrapbook page, garland(?) or booklet. You can get your kids (if you have kids!) to get in on the act and colour them in and make cards too! If you make something with this or have other ideas, i'd love to hear from you! leave a coment below! ;)

  • If your dad's a foodie (like mine!) buy some of his favourite sauce, pickles, wine, whatever! And stick some of these Labels from Martha Stewart on them! Better still, make him some home-made goodies straight from your kitchen and package them up! I found some other food labels here, at Oh Happy Day (fab blog, check it out!) I love the way these are called "Super Hero Supply!" They're so cool!

  •  I think these Faux Vintage Ads for things like Facebook and Twitter will make my Dad chuckle! If your's is up-to-date (or not very up-to-date!) on technology, these are perfect. I'm thinking of creative ways to turn them into a gift - maybe using one as the cover for a notebook that he can use to jot things down, or turning them into postcards and writing a sweet message on them! Any ideas? Leave a comment!

  • Again, if you have kids, this is a great project! A little worksheet for them to fill out while you make breakfast -in-bed (of course!) Kids always seem to come up with priceless answers to anything you ask them, and you can use it as abit of a "How well do you really know daddy quiz! The pdf is here, but make sure to visit the link above for some priceless answers (My dad has some grey hair, My dad likes to wear his swimming suit. Funny!) 

  •  Cute printable art from The Holiday Snob! I love the "Dad's sayings" one -guaranteed a laugh! You could frame these and give to Dad for his office, or make into a card Dad will love! :)

  • If you're not in a paper-crafting mood (cue gasp from me!) then cook him up his favourite meal - gormet, three courses, the works and Fold a Napkin Shirt for his plate. Sure, he might not even notice it and just shake it out so he can dig into his food, but hey! It looks nice! ;)  

  • If you'd prefer to actually craft something for your Dad, make him this charming Tie-Snake! Just make sure you don't start hot-glueing his prized Italian linen tie without him knowing! Use an old one or get one from a charity shop! 

  • Continueing the tie idea, why not make him this Neck Tie Wreath (Slide Two)Good luck, you'll need a LOT of ties! ;) But it's a cute gift that would look great hanging on his "study"/ leave-me-alone-I'm-busy room door! 


  • And, if you have NO time whatsoever, this coupon booklet is perfect. It's cute, obviously, but it requires basically no effort (It's one for the lazy crafter!) Just Print, Cut and Staple. That's it! Then it's done, and you have a gift for your dad! ;) One to bookmark!  Of course, then you'll have to follow up on your promises and actually DO the work specified, but hey, that's another day! Am I right?! ;)

  •  To decorate your sitting room, kitchen or wherever you will present you dad with gifts, make this cute Tie Banner. It make take a while to cut out the pieces, but with a little looking after, you can use it year after year! 

  • Another project you can make with kids is this Paperweight! It's funny, pretty simple, and you probably have everything needed to make it at home!

Will you be making any of these? I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully!) to share some more ideas. If you have any projects you'd like to share, leave a comment below! S xx

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