Friday, 16 November 2012

The C-word

Will I mention it? Won't I?
I think it's just a tad too early, but don't you worry, the festive season turns me even more demented than usual and bumps up my exclamation point usage to three per sentence!!! But that's for later on in month. So instead of getting you lovely people stressed out, I thought I'd pop in and show you something I've been loving recently...
  • DIY Beanies!
I don't know about where you are, but here in Ireland it's suddenly become FREEZING! (not that's it's ever really hot here, but I digress) My head in particular has been feeling rather chilly so I think I might try and whip one of these up! I've happened across two tutorials that seem relatively easy, here and here. They're both made form old sweaters/jumpers, so you can put lasts year's knitwear to good use, or raid your local charity shop. I'm also playing with the idea of adding pom poms or sequins. These would make perfect gifts too - oh wait! I'm not supposed to mention Christmas! Sorry, won't happen again! ;)

Have a lovely day! S xx