Friday, 5 August 2011

DIY Projects!

Hello there!
I realised my blog has been a bit card-heavy these past few days, so I decided to shake it up a bit and post a couple of DIY and craft ideas!

1) First up, this amazing website/book called P.S. I Made This. (Great name, right?!) I don't have the book, but found the DIY gallery via Pinterest and It. Is. Awesome!  Just check out some of the projects: Home Decor, Fashion, Jewellery....!            
Don't these >> look kinda Dr.Seuss-y and cartoon-y?! they're supposed to be for the 4th of July, but they're so fun I think they'd work at anytime, anywhere! And loooook at that embellished caplet! Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and NO-SEW! For something slightly more casual,  :) how about << this Pom-Pom purse?! Fun, Pretty and Oh-so-easy! Simply Hot Glue a bunch of Pompoms to your bag and BOOM! There it is! I think I may have to try this one! 
There's tonnes more over there, so GO CHECK IT OUT! :)

2) Next up, we have this. Scrapbook paper as Patchwork wallpaper?! Genius! Isn't it so lovely!? I adore this, as it has such a pretty, shabby-chic, Romantic French Cottage feel, but you could easily adapt this idea to use much brighter striped or patterned papers. or how about a cute animal pack for a kid's bedroom?! Oh how adorable that would be!                                                                       

3) And now, Pillows. Ah pillows, the meaning of life. What you mean, "you don't think so?!" You will do after seeing these bad boys! ;)
  • Now, I'm all for colour, but this >> beautiful, neutral-coloured pillow from "Ruffles and Stuff" stopped me in my tracks! I just think it's so Pretty! Sigh with happiness, and then getcha self over here licketysplit to get the how-to!
  • Next, bold colours reign supreme in this C.C.C. <Colourfully Cute Creation/Cushion!  ;) > I can't find a tutorial for this one, just the picture. But isn't that enough to make you break out your felt and just wing (pun not intended!) it anyway, in the hope of making something at least a little bit like this?! *note* I'm pretty sure I have OCD, as I'd have to make sure all the little birdies were facing the same way on my version, or I wouldn't be able to sleep properly. Yes, I'm weird, I know.
  •  Another bright-coloured pillow here, but it's all one colour. What colour? Orange, of course! I have had a new-found love of orange ever since I started reading How About Orange, Jessica Jone's awesome blog dedicated to said colour. Anyway, here's the pillow. Cool, right? The tutorial is here.  
*Cue Ad Voice*
For more pillow ideas (Hand-picked by moi) go here. (My Pillows Pinterest board) While you're there, you can check out my other boards too! There's Printables, Handmade Holidays and Gifts, DIY Wall art, Weathes, and more! Fun for all the Family! Only €0 and 0cents! what a steal! ;)
Have a great weekend! S xx

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