Tuesday, 9 August 2011

DIY Wreathes!

So, a trend that has become suuuper big in the crafting blogosphere is... DIY Wreathes! They. Are. Everywhere. I'm actually a bit late on this one, they've been big a while now, but better late than never, am I right?! There are SOO many versions out there, lots are holiday-themed, but i kinda like the ones you can use at any time better.
So, here we go....
  • Beautiful Braided Wreath from Homework. This is probably the first wreath I ever saw, it's a different take on the classic yarn wreath (click the link for TONNES of versions!) that took the world by storm! What I really love about this wreath is that you don't have to buy a wreath from to make it! With all the other ones, you will, but with Carolyn's version, the yarn braid acts as a wreath, so you just need a ring of card to support it at the back! This makes this wreath super cheap, or FREE if you already have a ball of wool/yarn. Yay!
  • Next up, MADE's Acorn wreath! (Lovvve that blog BTW, check it out!) This wreath has some serious staying power! Just look at all the versions Dana  made! They're not different wreathes, she simply spray-painted it different colours depending on the season! Smart or what? I can't choose which I like best. Maybe the white, since you could use it for all different seasons. Oooohhhh, I love the raspberry pink!

  •  Another pink wreath! But this one is so pretty I couldn't not feature it! She made this for a (very lucky!) little girl's room and it is just gorgeous. I want one for MY room! Check out the tutorial here! *sigh*
  • I really love this >> sweet little wreath (A project from Inspired Ideas!) It's a great way to use up those leftover fabric scraps and cheer up a room! It's so sunshine-y and fun! It also seems quite easy! the hardest part would be trying to decide where to hang it! Wouldn't it look great in a sewing or craft room?! Or even a little girl's bedroom! Go here for the how-to!
  •  There's loads of felt rosette wreathes out there, but this tutorial is really good! Very clear, and lots of pictures! Perfect for someone like me! AND she said she wants to use it year-round as part of her décor, so she used white felt. It's really modern, but fluffy and cute at the same time, which is a good combination in my book. Check it out here!

Now that I've featured some of the more ordinary wreathes,  Here's a bunch that are made from slightly odder materials! You can probably find most of these around your house, but they probably aren't in your craft room!

  • First up, we have a wreath made from... toilet paper rolls! I have to admit, I love these guys! I'm a firm believer that you can do almost anything with them! Along with paint chips, they are one of my favourite materials, because they're both FREE! Anyway, back to the wreath. As I hoard like there's no tomorrow collect toilet paper tubes, yes, collect, you heard me right, I have all the materials needed. If you're a normal person who doesn't like to create what is essentially a massive fire hazard in your bedroom, then you'll have to start stocking up. Or you could root through your re-cycling and pick some out of there. (Just don't let your neighbours see you) Once you've amassed quite a collection, fire up your glue gun and go here for the how-to!
  • If you're planning a kid's birthday party, this is the one for you! It's a wreath made from balloons! (Deflated ones, that is) I think this tutorial uses 144 ballooons, so grab that bag you have lying around and get ready to spend hours attaching ballons to a wrath form. Yes, you'll probably never want to see a balloon ever again by the time you're finished, but your kids will love you for it! Sounds fun to me! <Tutorial>
  • This >> wreath may be made from unorthodox materials, (namely paper cups, the kind you use for parties!) but the results are so modern, sophisticated and stylish that you'd never know! Doesn't it look great?!  And it sounds so easy to make too! Grab a big bag of paper cups and your glue gun and get ready to make! :) Check out the quick how-to here, and while you're there, have a look at the other cool projects she made from the cups, all designed for a fab DIY wedding!
  • And last but DEFINITELY not least, this super-cool cocktail umbrella wreath! I just love this sooo much! It may not be to everyone's tastes,  ;) but it's loud, bright, fun and I just like it! It would be great for a cocktail party or similar get-together or simply because we could all use a little colourful, cocktail umbrella madness on our door, am I right?!
So, there you go. There's a different wreath for everyone! Go now and make one, be it bright, old-fashioned, girly, eco-freindly, texture-y, modern or playful! S xx


    1. I adore the umbrella wreath and the toilet paper rolls what a great idea!!