Saturday, 30 July 2011

Card-Making on the Cheap - Bakers twine

Soooo... I reckon it's about time for another Card-Making on the Cheap post, don't you? ;) Now, I just LOVE this nifty little trick! It may be because...
a) I am completely BROKE at the moment, and this is FREE for me! (I have the supplies needed on hand already)
b) It's Suuuuper-Easy! and...
c) It's really useful!

"Come on, just tell us what it is already!" I hear you cry. Well... Ta-da! Here it is!   :)

DIY Bakers Twine! 

This really is GENIUS, and Baker's Twine looks so fab on cards, this has gotta be one of my most favourite Card-Making tricks ever! :) Go here for the how-to (It's Sooo easy, you could knock out a whole ball of baker's twine in a half-hour - Great project for in front of a movie or your fave TV show!) Have a look at the cards she uses it on, or go here for more uber-cute inspiration! Isn't that "Orange" card fab!? 

OK,  if you are active in the "blogosphere" in any way, you've probably seen this tut before. It. is. EVERYWHERE! Therefore, I feel I'm cheating a bit because most people probably already knew about it. If you didn't, then great! But if you did, then here's another site I've found:
It's called The Counterfeit Kit Challenge, and basically, they rip off  those gorgeous, but super-expensive Scrapbooking kits! They're usually made for FREE, as participants use embellishments, papers, and stickers they already own, plus freebie downloads, and tutorials on how to make cute embellishments. Like I said, it's geared towards scrabooking, but the embellishments and printables can easily be altered to use on cards! Visit the tutorial section to pick up some awesome tips on making your own embellishments, while saving yourself a wackload of cash! Have Fun! S xx


  1. Brilliant! Thanks for the tip! Found you on the Outlawz and am now a follower.
    Katherine :)

  2. what a fab idea.. love that orange card too..
    found you through The Outlawz.. i am now a follower
    hugs xx