Monday, 18 July 2011

I'm Back! (& a card!)

I'm back!
I had a great time and bought far too many crafting and card-making supplies (more on that soon enough!)

Anyway, this is just a quick post to show you this card I made a while ago, but never got round to uploading. Sorry it's sideways, I have no idea how to turn it around! If anyone does know, please leave a comment below! (I'm a complete beginner at all this!) Also, the picture quality is terrible. I'd like to blame my camera, but I'm pretty sure it's me and my <non-existent> photography skills. Oh well, enough complaining, here it is.

It was a Congratulations card for my aunt who had gotten a new job. I used a kit I have with mini clothes-hangers to make a suit, shoes and handbags (all very business like!) and then used handmade (by me!) paper flowers and a cute bumble-bee sticker to brighten it up. (Are you getting a pain in your neck from staring at it yet?!)  The greeting I made online, using this super-cool website called Spell with Flikr. It does what it says on the (metaphorical) tin, and you can spell anything you want and then print it off for.... <catchphrase-alert!> FREE! Yay!  :)  That's all folks,  Hope you liked my card!  S xx

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