Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas E-zine Round-up!


So I'm SUPER happy lately.Why? I won this giveaway, that's why! Sparkle Mod-Podge, paints and brushes! Woooh! Now I just have to decide what to make!

This, perhaps? Very festive! 

Speaking of festive, there's a lot of Holiday e-zines out now that are really good! Emily Henderson's is, of course, fabulous, full of gift ideas and great diys! You can check it out here.

Don't be fooled by the child-like felt snowmen on the cover of Tickle the Imagination - this is a stylish, and beautifully well-put-together magazine, full of gorgeous crafts for your home and others!


Another one worth a browse is Splendidly Homemade. There's some good gift ideas here. I especially love the Yo-yo embellished gloves and socks! Very cute!

Creature Comforts is one of my favourite blogs, so it's no surprise that Ez comes up trumps with her wonderful publications of Gifted magazine. Last year's is full of free printables and diys. This years is simply full of wonderful presents to get for others. Put aside plenty of time for both - you'll be enthralled!

All of the above mags are FREE! Yay! But if you're willing to spend a little bit on an online publication, Amy Power's  Inspired Ideas is for you! All the issues are just so wonderful to look at and sigh with crafty happiness!

So there you go. My round-up of must-see Christmas e-zines. have I left something crucial out? Please don't hesitate to tell me! What is your favourite magazine to read during the festive season? Leave a comment - Don't be shy!
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